Meet Michele
(with “one L”).

I’m Michele, former lawyer, turned professional leadership coach.

Consider me your results-driven Chief Support Officer and key player on your personal board of directors.

I stand for whatever it is that you want.

My entire life, with all of the experiences and people in it, has led me to become a professional leadership coach.

I Have Been Stuck Big Time – Many, Many Times.

As a practicing lawyer and then a non-practicing lawyer, as a professional, a team leader, a project manager, a consultant, and a facilitator. As a human being. I was working against myself, getting in my own way, and limiting myself. Over and over and over again.

It’s a terrible feeling.

Knowing what you want to do, achieve, accomplish, and make happen and yet not being able to see the path forward. Feeling pressure from expectations of your peers, society, family, and friends. Being plagued by chronic second-guessing, a case of self-doubt, and a sense that you cannot figure “this” out no matter how hard you try.

Hitting walls with every option considered.

Sometimes having bursts of inspiration, clarity, and momentum, only to slip back into overwhelm. So much time spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. Exhausting.

Nothing changed — until COACHING.

Turns Out, Professional Coaching is Not Mysterious or Mystical or Woo Woo.

It is not advice. It is not therapy. And it is not your BFF.

It is an alliance with a trained professional who will guide you in uncovering the obstacles in your path. (Hint, hint, they are usually internal).

Together we create custom-tailored tools and strategies to drive sustainable action toward YOUR desired results.

As a gold standard ICF certified, professional leadership coach, I received extensive and rigorous training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. iPEC is accredited by the International Coaching Federation because it adheres to the highest possible standards in the field.

Coaching with me is the prescription for moving from stuck to possibility and from possibility to action and sustainable results.

Coaching with me will impact everything. Big and little.

World Class Listener

for You

Unconditional Support

Focused Action Steps

I’m on a mission to bring the rare, unmatched value of coaching to women like you.

Ready for some FUN?

Michele played an integral part in my development, both personally and professionally, as I transitioned into my new career. She was there every step of the way.” ~H.M.